Connecting compassion with

Art of Giving Back enables individuals to take action and make a positive impact in the lives of others through charitable giving and support. It highlights the importance of compassion and empowerment in creating a better world for those in need.

Fuel Your Passion

Be it your compassion to support someone’s Cataract surgery or buy a new pair of shoes for next trail race.

You name anything genuine, someone might have the support.


Art of Giving Back is a Nepali platform to help find assistance for those who have utmost compassion to achieve something, it could be a project, idea, cause or even material.

We believe in the fact that there are people with resources but have limitations to do so. On the other hand, there’s someone already halfway through but lack resources.

We aim at connecting these two, facilitating the support system using local fintech like e-sewa, khalti and so on.

Art of Giving back is a platform to locally raise funds. There are people who want to donate to charity and sponsor needy. But there is no such platform to do this locally. 

Absolutely nothing.
There is a cost that payment partners charge us which is roughly 2-2.5%. Besides that there is no other cost. Nothing hidden. 

Yes you can. But consider whether someone out there really cares about your passion or not. We want to be the bridge in supporting the needy people. 

We do a screening of the projects and people. If any malpractice is reported or verified, we take actions to ban such projects, hold their account and refund the sponsorship back. 

Currently from our pockets. But Art Of Giving Back is a project in itself. If you care about this platform and the work we do, you can always choose to support us, in cash or in-kind. 

From the Makers of "Make Me See"

Back in 2015-2017 we actively raised fund and supported cataract surgery of 300 people. The Initiative has now just got bigger and stronger. Now, cataract surgeries is one of the many things we will do. 

Support Books to children of Thapathali

Zipli Books is a Online Book Store. 
For every 1000 Rupees Raised, Zipli Books will match another 1000 Rupees and Distribute reading materials to needy children in Thapathali. 

Get Jeevan and Rashila to the 2023 UTMB

Following Rashila and Jeevan’s amazing performance in the 2022 Thailand by UTMB race (Rashila came 9th in the 100 km and Jeevan 18th in the 100 mile!), they are both guaranteed a starting ticket in the 2023 UTMB main event on August 28- September 3 in Chamonix, France!

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