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Our Board

Nicholas Bio1

In the simplest terms, we at the Art of Giving Back are: Young Artists Sharing Talent In Service To Community BOARD OF DIRECTORS Nicholas King: Executive Director – Art of Giving Back Kevin McDowell: Executive VP – AEG Worldwide Dr. Wade McNair: Professor – Biola University / Azuza Pacific University BOARD OF ADVISORS Walter “Hudie” Broughton: Senior Vice President – …

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How competitive is Curtis?

Hey I know that this is like way in advance but Im gonna be applying for college next year. I was wondering if curtis is really that hard to get into. Ive heard a lot of stuff about it but I dont know anyone that goes there and I was thinking of applying. What do you guys think?

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What is Orford like?

Hi guys! I’m a pianist and will be going to Orford this summer for piano. This is my first time to a summer festival and I was just wondering what it’s going to be like. Have any of you been before?

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When is a piece perfected?

Hi! So my question is, when should I stop practicing a piece? I feel like once I memorize something it takes sooo long to get better. When I leave a piece alone for awhile and then come back it usually sounds better. Why? When will it be perfected? Ella

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Which concerto should I learn?

Hey, A question for the pianists. I’ve been playing piano for 13 years and just finished learning the Grieg Concerto. I have to learn a new concerto and wanted some recommendations. I’m trying to decide between Schumann a minor and Saint-Saens 2. Which one is better?

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First Year Traps

Hi everyone I’m going to be starting college in the fall at UCLA. A lot of my friedns that went to music school really struggled with practicing during their first year. I want to try and avoid this and be super productive. Do you guys have any tips? Thanks! Sasha

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How to choose a piano teacher

OK, I really would like to learn how to play the piano. We have a beautiful baby grand in my home and my younger sister has begun lessons. What I’d like to know is this; what should I look for in a music teacher? The teacher who instructs my sister seems so bored and distracted while teaching, it’s almost as …

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In the zone performing

Sometimes when I perform for myself in the practice room everything comes together – I just feel ON FIRE. When I go on stage, it's really hard to recreate that feeling. I start to think about the people out in the audience and what they’ll think, and about the other musicians in the recital and whether I'll sound better than …

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Anxiety and practicing

Hello, It's hard for me to stop thinking when I practice. I can't stop thinking about what I have coming up and how I won't be ready. I'm usually prepared for performances, but I get so stressed out the weeks before and it makes practicing really tough. How do you guys stay calm when practicing? When my piece doesn't sound …

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Difference between B.A. and B.M.

Hi. I'm a pianist and I don't know what kind of school to apply to when I'm done with high school. I want to focus on my music as much as I can when I'm in university. Is there a big difference between a university and conservatory? Why do some schools offer a BA and BM? What's the difference? I …

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