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How competitive is Curtis?


I know that this is like way in advance but Im gonna be applying for college next year. I was wondering if curtis is really that hard to get into. Ive heard a lot of stuff about it but I dont know anyone that goes there and I was thinking of applying. What do you guys think?

  1. Christopher GoodpastureChristopher Goodpasture05-12-2013

    Applying to a conservatory is not a matter of level of difficulty in the same sense of let’s say applying to a university for an academic concentration might be. The notion of a ‘hard-to-get-into’ music school often boils down to simple artistic preference. Ultimately it’s good to have solid fundamental technique and a clear concept of musical ideas, but beyond these aspects the decisions rest with personal taste. The level of playing at the top-tier conservatories in the country is of course very high. It would make sense, if you’re really curious about how you might fit into a certain school, to try and get a lesson with a teacher you’re interested in studying with. Then perhaps after a lesson or discussion with the teacher you can assess the level of your own playing in order to determine whether applying would be a worthwhile investment or not. Getting a lesson, even if it means flying and spending a little extra money, would be a wise idea. Curtis is considered to be one of the most selective programs in the world, but that shouldn’t stop you from applying and seeing if it is the right fit for you. Don’t pick a school for the prestige or the brand name, but be sure to find a place and teacher you think will serve your needs best and will be most beneficial to the advancement of your career.

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