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How much should I practice?


I've been playing playing piano for 10 years. I'm working on Chopin's 3rd Ballade. How much did you guys practice when you were 15? In a few years I will be applying for colleges.

Thanks – Carl

  1. Rudin LengoRudin Lengo01-07-2013

    Hello Carl,

    This is a specific question that you will get a different answer from different pianists in this forum. When I was 15 years old, I had just started high-school in Toronto, Canada (coming from Albania), and I was a very academic student at the time. So the bulk of my hours were spent on school, with only about 1 – 2 hours of practice, varying from week to week. Now that I teach myself I try to tell students to practice much more than I did back at that time, but there is no set formula. What I will tell you is that I found out that at some point before your important college auditions you will have to increase your hours of practicing to increase your strength and stamina as a pianist. Always aspire to practice more, because the more work you put in the better the results (and this I am sure every pianist would agree with).


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