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Lars Espen Rosness

Lars Espen Rosness


Rosness is from Asker, Norway, and has been educated in Trondheim, Norway (Institute for Music, 2004-2008) and in Copenhagen, Denmark (Royal Danish Academy of Music, 2008-2010). He is currently studying at Université de Montréal since 2010 with prof. Marc Durand. He has already performed in most of the Scandinavian countries, Canada, France, England and Spain. He is active as chamber musician, solo performer and soloist, and also has experience with both contemporary music and jazz.
During his studies, Rosness has had the opportunity to attend masteclasses with and get supplementary private tutoring from some of the nest professors and performers in the world, among others Julian Martin (Juilliard School, NY), Hamish Milne (Royal Academy of Music, London), Andrzej Jasinski (Conservatory of Katowicze, Poland), Liisa Pohjola (Sibelius Academy, Helsinki), Paul Stewart (Université de Montréal, CA), Claudio Martínez-Mehner (Conservatorio Superior de Zaragoza, ES), Dominique Weber (Haute École de Musique de Genéve, CH), Håvard Gimse (Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo) and Malcolm Martineau.
In 2009 he won rst prize in the annual piano competition at the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music. In 2007 he won the soloist competition at his place of studies in Trondheim. He has been distinguished with several scholarships and honorary grants from Norway, Denmark and Canada.

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