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Headshot   2013

Matthew Chamberlain

Matthew Chamberlain is a composer and conductor living in Oberlin, Ohio. He is currently finishing a Bachelor’s degree in composition and pursuing a Master’s in conducting at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

Raised in Leesburg, Virginia, Matthew began composing at age 11 and conducting at 15 in one of Washington DC’s fastest transforming suburbs. Since then, he has pursued both disciplines, ardently seeking to improve the clarity with which he engages performers and listeners, as well as to be a compelling advocate for those who bring contemporary music to people around the world.

Most recently, he has served as Music Director of the Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra’s Philharmonia Orchestra. His recent compositions have focussed on exploring the vast potential of text as musical material. From the semantic weight of poetry to the structures of phrase and thought that shape extemporaneous speech, Matt is currently preoccupied with finding meaningful ways of projecting the features of our communications into a music that allows us to hear our own words in a rather different way.

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