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Pablo Moreno

Born in the city of Manizales (Colombia) Pablo Moreno began his musical studies at the School of Music at the University of Caldas, studying in oboe and English horn with Tracy Russell.
Pablo moved to Bogota in 2000 where he was admitted to the Conservatory of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, studying with Andreas Schneider.
In 2003 he won the Mazda Scholarship for Art and Science (Beca Mazda para e Arte y la Ciencia).

In 2002 he entered the Ponticia Universidad Javeriana, where he obtained his Bachelor degree in performance. During his college career has participated in master classes with: Gordon Hunt, George Meerwein, Remy Carbonara and Andrés Eloy Medina.

Pablo participated in the IV, V and VI (2006, 2007 & 2008) Double Reed Festival Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean in Panama City under Alex Klein; and the Music Festival FEMUSC in Santa Catarina, Brazil, (2008, 2009) wherex he studied with David Walter, Washington Barella, Luis Carlos Justi and Laszlo Hadady.

In 2005 his interest in the management of popular music inspired him to join as a new member of the Sinsonte Ensemble (Ensamble Sinsonte), a recognized group that revives and performs traditional South American music in avant-garde styles. In this ensemble he won top honors in the Colombian music contests of the festival Hatoviejo COTRAFA 2005 and the first festival of Colombian Music BAT.

Sinsonte Ensemble performed at the opening concert of the 2006 Hay Festival under the organization of the Foundation BAT Colombia and Radio Cadena Nacional de Colombia RCN in the city of Cartagena. Also participated in the Third International Music Festival Cartagena playing their parts with the Saint Lawrence Quartet.

In the second half of 2006 they took on a project, “Alas de prueba,” under the direction of Bogota musician Cesar Lopez. Lopez has been involved with the ensemble and together they have presented concerts at the Colon Theatre (Bogotá), EAFIT and the Museum of Antioquia.

In 2007 Pablo recorded “Reversiones” with the Ensemble Sinsonte. The album was named one of the top ten of Colombia in 2008. This year also included their next project, “Alas de prueba III” and next album, “Maiz Lunar,” collaborating with songwriter and performer Luz Marina Posada.

In 2008 he was invited to join the Youth Orchestra of the Americas (YOA), participating in a tour throughout various Latin American cities such as Medellin, Panama, Salvador Bahia, São Paulo, Rio do Janeiro, Campos do Jordao , Buenos Aires, Rosario and Montevideo.

Their participation in this tour highlights Pablo’s solo performances in Medellín and Panama City.
Interested in sharing knowledge with other young musicians, he took part in the “Sembrando Talentos” 2007 and 2008, organized by the YOA in Montevideo. He performed as a soloist and taught youth at Montevideo and Punta del Este.

In 2008, he was awarded first place in the highest category of the 10th National Interpretation Competition (Ciudad de Bogotá) adjudicated by international judges including Nancy King and Jean-Louis Capezzali. Shortly after, Pablo also earned a scholarship from the National Conservatory of Music and Dance Lyon, France.

In 2009 he continued his studies at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music (Oberlin, OH, USA) as an Artist Diploma student under the tutelage of renowned professors Alex Klein and Robert Walters and Kathryn Montoya in Baroque oboe were he earned this degree as well. In Oberlin he had a very active musical life playing pieces by compositon students and experimental ensembles like OFFENDING COMMAND: C and OINC at the same time playing with baroque ensembles and the Oberlin balkan music ensemble.

In the summer, Pablo participated once again with the Youth Orchestra of the Americas (YOA), touring in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. Also went to the Boston Early music festival with the Oberlin baroque ensemble in 2011. Baroque Institute Performance at Oberlin. Now is pursuing a masters degree at DePaul University as teacher Eugene Izotov. Recently got into the six finalists for The Fischoff Chamber Music Competition with his Woodwind trio Tres Tristes Tigres.

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