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Singers – how to deal with breathing and nerves

Hi. My name is Steph and I'm a Soprano. I find that every time I have to go on stage and perform I get nervous and start to breathe faster. When I have to sing, I don't have enough air and the performance isn't as good. Sometimes thinking about not being able to breathe makes me nervous – so I can't breathe. Do you have any tips to help with nerves before a performance?

Thank you!


  1. Joelle TanJoelle Tan01-08-2013

    Hi Steph,

    As a long term solution, I would suggest doing breathing exercises (singing exercises or even doing pilates or yoga) as often as possible to train your muscle memory, so that even when you are stressed out, you can be confident that your core muscles will work for you automatically.

    Another good way to combat nerves of this type is visualization. Take a little time out of every day to visualize yourself carefully going through all the steps of a perfect performance from beginning to end, while breathing quietly and deeply. Just before you go on stage, close your eyes and see yourself as you want to be, calm and in control of your breath.

    Remember, the more you practice singing in front of people, the less nervous you will be. Try performing for your friends, your family – anyone!


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