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What We Do

Community Education

Art of Giving Back Volunteer Artists share their time and talents to teach and mentor young musicians. We help them to develop their own talents and leadership skills which will last a lifetime. All of our Volunteer Artists are between the ages of twenty and thirty – we believe that our age offers us a unique opportunity to connect with students and serve as strong role models in their lives.

1. Young Artist Workshops

Art of Giving Back offers educational workshops specifically designed to develop nurture all areas of musical development. We aim to support musicians through each stage of their careers. Below is a list of the workshops that we offer.

– Overcoming Performance Anxiety
– The University / Conservatory Application Process
– Maximizing Practicing Efficiency
– A Guide to Summer Music Festivals
– Career Development
– Fundraising / Entrepreneurship for Musicians

2. University Residencies

Art of Giving Back offers comprehensive residencies specifically tailored to each university. We work to provide artists that are able to best accommodate the particular needs of your students. Below is a list of the services that we offer and sample residency options.

Professional Development Workshops
-International Career Development in the US
– Career Development
– Fundraising / Entrepreneurship
– Interdisciplinary Artistic Collaboration
– Crossover Music

Interdisciplinary Workshops
Building Communicative and Collaborative Teams by Applying Principles of Chamber Music Pedagogy
Temperament and Tuning
The role of literature in programmatic music
Music and the brain

Community Outreach
– K-12 Music Workshops
– Community Center Concerts

– Recitals

– Masterclasses
– Individual Lessons
– Chamber Music Coaching
– *Orchestral Sectional Coaching

*Dependent on Volunteer Artist Instrumentation

3. Artistic Community Outreach

We provide free classical concerts in community centers across the country. We believe that classical music should be accessible to anyone, anywhere. Our talented Volunteer Artists create an informal and fun atmosphere, which allows them to fully connect and interact with their audiences. We perform regularly in retirement homes, hospitals, youth centers, assisted living facilities and correctional institutions across the country.

We believe that every child should have the chance to learn about the joys of classical music. Through “Music with a Story”, Volunteer Artists share music in K-12 schools that have no music program and introduce classical works to students of all ages. For many students reached, this is their first exposure to classical music.

4. Mentorship

Our mentorship program is designed to provide the support and resources needed for young musicians to further develop their career.

Young Artist Mentorship Program
We strongly believe that the ability to have access to a network of talented peers is crucial for any developing young musician. We recognize that we aren’t able to meet with each student face-to-face – but we want to make ourselves as accessible as possible. Art of Giving Back allows students from across the world to connect with Volunteer Artists for advice and support through our website.

Volunteer Artist Mentorship Program
Our Volunteer Artists have the ability to obtain valuable information from some of the most important figures in the classical music industry. Our Professional Development Mentors answer questions from Volunteer Artists each month and provide a network for career development. Our Artistic Mentors collaborate with Volunteer Artists in community outreach events nationwide.

-Professional Development Mentors
Interdiciplinary Musicians
Crossover Artists

-Artistic Mentors
Professional Chamber Groups

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