Art of Giving Back is a fundraising platform that aims to support various charitable causes in Nepal. Through this platform, funds are collected from donors and contributors who are willing to make a difference in their community. These funds are then handed over to the beneficiaries to ensure that the expenses are used to pay for the causes mentioned on the website. Art of Giving Back strives to make a positive impact by facilitating and organizing payments to service providers and vendors directly on behalf of the activists.

In the event that the person raising funds does not meet the target, does not wish to continue, or for any other reason wishes to refund the contributions, Art of Giving Back makes such refunds. Any such request should be directed to “[email protected].”

It is essential to note that all fundraising campaigns must meet the legal and administrative criteria set by the government of Nepal. It is the responsibility of the person organizing such campaigns to ensure that they meet these regulations. Art of Giving Back only serves as a platform to facilitate and organize payments.

Furthermore, the Campaignist must ensure that the donors are informed about the fund’s usability and the impact generated. Art of Giving Back hosts a blog and mailing list to facilitate this process. Once the payments are confirmed and paid to the Campaignist, contributors and donors cannot request a refund. If a refund is required, donors and contributors should do so on their own accord and contact the Campaignist directly.

Art of Giving Back takes pride in ensuring that all campaigns listed on the platform are genuine and that no fraudulent activities or scams are hosted. The funds raised are consumed for the appropriate and justifiable topics by the Campaignist.

In cases where the Campaignist fails to provide sufficient evidence to reimburse or advance payments to a service provider, refunds will be made to donors or contributors. Additionally, a separate MoU will be signed for any Campaignist raising anything above NPR 100000.

In the event of a late or missing refund, donors and contributors are advised to check their bank accounts and follow up with their respective banks.

Art of Giving Back offers anonymity to both Campaignists and contributors. However, it is required that all contributors and Campaignists disclose their identity to Art of Giving Back.

In the case of contributions in goods, the contributor will be responsible for paying their shipping costs. If a refund is required, the receiving party must make the shipment arrangement and fees.

If you require any help or have any questions, please contact Art of Giving Back at [email protected].

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