What we do

We support activists, campaignist and Needys to reach live their dream

Our platform provides individuals to raise funds and support themselves when needed at no additional cost.

We Find & Fund

We find ideas that really matter, and promote them to be able to fund them. 

We Educate

We educate on using the funds in sustainable way to be able to self support in the future. 

We Provide platform

There is no such platform in Nepal, that idealizes the giving centric culture of Nepal. 

We Consult

We consult individuals and organizations to support them in organizing campaigns and fund raisers. 

We instill hope

We Instill hope in communities and individuals by leading the way.

We Strengthen

We eventually, strengthen life, the culture of giving and supporting each other in need. 

What we care for

Encourage Philanthropy

When people see individuals or organizations giving back to their community, it can inspire them to do the same. By highlighting the positive impact that charitable giving can have, the art of giving back can help to encourage philanthropy and create a culture of generosity.

Build Relationships

undraising is often about building relationships with donors and supporters. When individuals or organizations give back to their community, they can build relationships with the people they are helping and the organizations they are supporting. These relationships can lead to increased trust and loyalty, which can ultimately result in increased fundraising.

Positive Publicity

When individuals or organizations give back to their community, it can generate positive publicity and media coverage. This can help to raise awareness about the organization and its mission, and can also help to attract new donors and supporters.

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